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Take salt dip

It is an hour car ride outside Berlin but it is also the most beautiful thermal saltwater spa I have ever seen. The variety of pleasure choices is endless, underwater geysers, massage jets, jacuzzi , moist saunas, dry saunas running out in the snow during winter, a bath in goat milk or why not beer bath since we are in Germany, all kind of massages and the prices are really good.

And to get there is really easy:

Take the R1 train from e.g. Alexanderplatz, direction Frankfurt oder, change to train OE35 in Furstenwalde Bahnhof, and get off in Bad Saarow bahnhof, walk 500 meters and you are in for a treat!

Main components according to an analysis of the healing water:

Sodium 8.65 g/l
Calcium 0.51 g/l
Magnesium 0.23 g/l
Chloride 14.46 g/l
Sulphate 0.29 g/l
Bicarbonate 0.23 g/l

Bad Saarows homepage :

Heavy-duty playground

Would you like to do something different? Not afraid of getting dirty, need to get rid of some tension or just to feel a lot of machine power under your command? They call it a men sandbox or playground but why should only the men have all the fun? So lets call it a adoult playground; the options are almost unlimited: take a hummer for a spin in the forest or a monster truck, or a quad, or just a segway or wildwater rafting or a construction digger or a war tank , or  flight with a gyrocopter, or … your pick! It does cost a bit, around 150 euro but its unbeatable feeling to manage these huge and loud machines. So grab your bulldozer and come out and play!

Homepage :

A hat is a message for the sky!











Whether its for a wedding, cocktail party or just to dress up an every day, with these unique creations everyone is green with envy. Something extra to bring home from Berlin! Julia is living her dream, she is a schooled hat-maker, a does the whole process by hand according to the old procedures.  But her pieces are far from oldish, all modern with a special twist, pieces of art!

Julia Mogwits homepage :














Art critic Emilie Trice has called Berlin “the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world.” And so true, there is a lot, a lot and maybe even to much… Street art in Berlin is a big industry also. It’s not exactly legal, but the city’s title of UNESCO’s City of Design has kept local authorities from doing much to change what observers call the most “bombed” city in Europe. From the authorities’ point of view, the graffiti attracts tourists, and the tourists bring money to the city.

World largest open air gallery










A section of the former Berlin wall is now the East Side Gallery, it is 1.3km-long. Approximately 106 paintings by artists from all over the world covers this memorial for freedom and it makes it the largest open air gallery in the world. To match the walk with communication get off at the S-Bahn stop Warschauer Str., walk along the wall, then get back on at Ostbahnhof.

Yoga for everyone










More meditation into everyday life, the little Street-yogis in Berlin are encouraging this in a really charming way. The idea for Street Yogis comes from Joseph Foos, a 55 year old joga instructor, inspired by the project “Little People” of the London street artist Slinkachu. What is special about the street-yogis, is that although they stand on a public streets, most people do not see them. But once you have spotted one, the next will come easier and with a satisfaction. Joseph is explaining that every yoga position is called a asana and the little men made out of cork, kebab stick and of course a lot of strong glue shows different asanas. Many of the yogis are gone because of weather and wind but also unfortenly turists are taking them home as souvenirs, up till now Joseph has done over 350 pieces.

Make your own souvenir

Tukadu is a original beads and jewelry store. There is a huge choice of parts for making your self but also ready to buy jewelry for the hurried traveller. There are two of these stores, one in Mitte and one in Prezlauerberg. And they are just fully loaded of beads and heap of beads, charms, buttons, fabrics, ribbons, and trim, pearls, miniature animals and objects well there is everything to make your own special jewelry. Express your self!


Tukadus homepage :

View over Alexanderplatz

This is a cool place in the former Hungarian cultural center site, its a so typical berlin atmosphere its chic and poshy but still relaxed with the raw former communism building . And the food is sooo heavenly good. Three course dinner for 30 euro, or your choice from the menu.  Often unexpected combinations that are very successful a lot about the taste experience rather then quantities and choice of good wines, all this comes with the view over my loved tv-tower. before the restaurant there is a bar space with delicious drinks, before or after your dinner. And downstairs is always something happening, concerts, films, festival or a vintage cloths market. Last but not least, Oyster evenings on Wednesdays!

.HBC homepage :

Berlinare 2012

Berlin the exciting film center of europe this month, a international cosmopolitan: the Berlinale ! More than 19,000 film professionals from 120 countries, including 4,000 journalists, are accredited for the Berlin International Film Festival every year. At the same time, it is a festival of meetings and forums. With more than 200,000 tickets sold, it has the largest audience of any film festival in the world. For two weeks, art, glamour, parties and business meets at the Berlinale. Film time!


Berlinare homepage :

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