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Varieté with the genius music from Tiger Lillies

The Berlin Wintergarten theatre has a long history dated back to 1887, bombed 1944 and then rebuilt but the feeling is there from  all the burlesque shows. Its an  extraordinary showthat combines the nostalgic atmosphere of Variete, circus from the twenties  with the vibe and energy their music. The Tiger Lillies are a three person band, formed in 1989 from London and they have over 30 albums on their record they have surreal style that is dark and humorous, a bit from the last century.

Wintergarten Theatre :

Dance the night away



Visit a ballhause In Berlin. Can’t get any more German than this. Early evening you eat a schnitzel with sauerkraut, rinse it down with
a big pitcher of beer, watch a concert or professionals dancers doing their foxtrot or swing and late evening the whole dance floor just rock explodes.

Everyone is there just to dance and have fun and its not hard to imagine the atmosphere from early century’s parties right where the band was playing, thick layer of smoke in the air, and the ladies pearls and feathers swinging around the dance hall.  And its still the same good atmosphere the beer floats and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet locals,the crowd is mixed but for sure  no teenagers.

Clärchens Ballhaus homepage :

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