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A hat is a message for the sky!











Whether its for a wedding, cocktail party or just to dress up an every day, with these unique creations everyone is green with envy. Something extra to bring home from Berlin! Julia is living her dream, she is a schooled hat-maker, a does the whole process by hand according to the old procedures.  But her pieces are far from oldish, all modern with a special twist, pieces of art!

Julia Mogwits homepage :

Make your own souvenir

Tukadu is a original beads and jewelry store. There is a huge choice of parts for making your self but also ready to buy jewelry for the hurried traveller. There are two of these stores, one in Mitte and one in Prezlauerberg. And they are just fully loaded of beads and heap of beads, charms, buttons, fabrics, ribbons, and trim, pearls, miniature animals and objects well there is everything to make your own special jewelry. Express your self!


Tukadus homepage :

Where will you be at noon on Sunday


This is the place where everybody is on weekends during the day, after the brunch of course…Flee markets are located practical  in every district of Berlin. And its such a nice of spending time and you might find THE catch of the year!




Meeting, chatting, bargain the prices, trying out, sitting in sun and having a cup of and looking at people, what could possibly be nicer! The biggest one is in Mauer park but this one at Boxhagenerplatz is my favorit, it has more charm in small scale. And there is a lot of cafes around,  so go and enjoy a stroll in the park. The link is only in german but google translate fortunately does the job.


Berlin-City offical portal :

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