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A gallery where you can spend the night


Mammels Traum /Dieter Mammel’s Dream

Never has the artist felt as comfortable and secure as when he stayed with his grandparents in the country as a child – in their, to his three-year old’s eyes, “gigantic” oak bed. In “Mammel’s Dream” room it recreates this experience with an oversized bed. All rooms in the hotel have been individually decorated by an artist, whose concept includes the entire room. Every room is an original, there are double rooms with prices starts on 99 euros and singelrooms for 49 euros and its located in Mitte so close to communication and city.


Link to hotel: http://www.luise-berlin.com/

Make your own souvenir

Tukadu is a original beads and jewelry store. There is a huge choice of parts for making your self but also ready to buy jewelry for the hurried traveller. There are two of these stores, one in Mitte and one in Prezlauerberg. And they are just fully loaded of beads and heap of beads, charms, buttons, fabrics, ribbons, and trim, pearls, miniature animals and objects well there is everything to make your own special jewelry. Express your self!


Tukadus homepage : http://www.tukadu.com/

View over Alexanderplatz

This is a cool place in the former Hungarian cultural center site, its a so typical berlin atmosphere its chic and poshy but still relaxed with the raw former communism building . And the food is sooo heavenly good. Three course dinner for 30 euro, or your choice from the menu.  Often unexpected combinations that are very successful a lot about the taste experience rather then quantities and choice of good wines, all this comes with the view over my loved tv-tower. before the restaurant there is a bar space with delicious drinks, before or after your dinner. And downstairs is always something happening, concerts, films, festival or a vintage cloths market. Last but not least, Oyster evenings on Wednesdays!

.HBC homepage : http://hbc-berlin.de/restaurant/

Soak and float

I was here when Germany was winning the European football cup, perfect timing, there was nobody there! But even thou its a magical place. The pool with warm salt water, where you just float in a dimmed lighting and with underwater music or if you look ahead on their website a harp concert for example, is true relaxing experience for all your senses. The center dome has a round window in the ceiling where moonlight comes in or you can float and look at the stars, open until midnight. There is no obligation of wearing a bathing suits except in the pool which a some customers make use of. There are all kind of different saunas and every hour with various infusions in the Finnish sauna, and of course jacuzzi and a heated outdoor pool.


Liquidrom homepage : http://www.liquidrom-berlin.de/en/index.php

Varieté with the genius music from Tiger Lillies

The Berlin Wintergarten theatre has a long history dated back to 1887, bombed 1944 and then rebuilt but the feeling is there from  all the burlesque shows. Its an  extraordinary showthat combines the nostalgic atmosphere of Variete, circus from the twenties  with the vibe and energy their music. The Tiger Lillies are a three person band, formed in 1989 from London and they have over 30 albums on their record they have surreal style that is dark and humorous, a bit from the last century.

Wintergarten Theatre : http://www.wintergarten-berlin.de/en/programme/current-shows/the-tiger-lillies-freakshow.html

The wet and dead collection



They call it the wet collection and right so, there is 80 tonnes of ethanol. After three years of reconstruction it is from some time now open to the public.

It is high level research collection that is used by scientists even nowadays.  Except the wet collection there is an stuffed example of every animal ever walked the earth, really neat!

And if you have curious children this is the place to take them!


Natural historic museums homepage : http://www.naturkundemuseum-berlin.de/en/ausstellungen/the-wet-collections/?Fsize=0&Lightversion=1%3Ftypo%3D1%3Ftypo%3D1%3Ftypo%3D2%3Ftypo%3D1%3Ftypo%3D2%3Ftypo%3D1%3Ftypo%3D2%3Ftypo%3D2%3Ftypo%3D0

Private art collection in bunkers

Boros collection


Here is a bit different art walk. Private art Collection of the Boros couple,
Located in a 3000 m2 old bunker in central Berlin, something about the bunker; built as
shelter for civilians, then used as prison by the Soviet Army then a warehouse
then the toughest club in the world with techno-, fetish-, and fantasy parties and so on and so on…
Now it houses art and one of my favorite pieces of Olafur Eliasson. Worth while!
But it requires some planning because of  reservation through their web page before visiting.

Boros collections homepage : http://www.sammlung-boros.de/index.php?id=2711&L=1&id=1

Dance the night away



Visit a ballhause In Berlin. Can’t get any more German than this. Early evening you eat a schnitzel with sauerkraut, rinse it down with
a big pitcher of beer, watch a concert or professionals dancers doing their foxtrot or swing and late evening the whole dance floor just rock explodes.

Everyone is there just to dance and have fun and its not hard to imagine the atmosphere from early century’s parties right where the band was playing, thick layer of smoke in the air, and the ladies pearls and feathers swinging around the dance hall.  And its still the same good atmosphere the beer floats and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet locals,the crowd is mixed but for sure  no teenagers.

Clärchens Ballhaus homepage :http://www.ballhaus.de/programm.html

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