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Heavy-duty playground

Would you like to do something different? Not afraid of getting dirty, need to get rid of some tension or just to feel a lot of machine power under your command? They call it a men sandbox or playground but why should only the men have all the fun? So lets call it a adoult playground; the options are almost unlimited: take a hummer for a spin in the forest or a monster truck, or a quad, or just a segway or wildwater rafting or a construction digger or a war tank , or  flight with a gyrocopter, or … your pick! It does cost a bit, around 150 euro but its unbeatable feeling to manage these huge and loud machines. So grab your bulldozer and come out and play!

Homepage : http://www.maennerspielplatz.de/erlebnisfinder-berlin.html

Come home for dinner

shy chef


If you still feel that you haven’t got to know the Germans quite well enough, invite your self for dinner at home in the bohemian Kreuzberg. The concept is genius and simple. The chef is called the shy chef, he cooks, you book a place at his next dinner seating and there you are at the dinner table full of new acquaintance. As it is a secret supper club, you have to write and make a reservation and the shy chef accepts donations that are well worth the evening.  Bon appetite!


The shy chefs blog page : http://theshychef.wordpress.com/




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