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Bikers are the new holy cows

Berlin is ideal city for getting around on a bike, bicycling culture is on top level, berlin is flat, mostly everywhere you find bike lanes and the, sometimes poor, car drivers do take a lot of consideration, specially with right turns and before opening the car door out on the street. So save your legs and move around between tourist sights with a bike, you will maybe even end up in unexpected places and discover more then planned!

The  German railway Deutsche Bahn (DB) is offering its Call a Bike Berlin service. The idea began as a spontaneous and flexible concept but now it is now more complicated, bicycles could previously be left on any side street but now they must be returned to one of the stations in Mitte. first you have to registrate  and then choose the correct rate for use. Anyway here is the website: http://www.callabike-interaktiv.de/ but its only in german…

There are loads of private renters, here is one that have comfortable cruisers and are located in old east part on Alexander platz, under the tv-tower and the other one in west part by the Zoo train station. Thay also have internet cafe or free wifi, maps, locks, and helmet. And cool bikes!

Web site: http://www.fahrradverleihberlin.com/

Ps. The picture in the post is from a bike shop is in Altlandsberg, about a 60km from Berlin.

Where will you be at noon on Sunday


This is the place where everybody is on weekends during the day, after the brunch of course…Flee markets are located practical  in every district of Berlin. And its such a nice of spending time and you might find THE catch of the year!




Meeting, chatting, bargain the prices, trying out, sitting in sun and having a cup of and looking at people, what could possibly be nicer! The biggest one is in Mauer park but this one at Boxhagenerplatz is my favorit, it has more charm in small scale. And there is a lot of cafes around,  so go and enjoy a stroll in the park. The link is only in german but google translate fortunately does the job.


Berlin-City offical portal : http://www.berlin.de/special/shopping/flohmaerkte/1998240-1724959-flohmarkt-am-boxhagener-platz.html

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